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Full Rig Bottom Section Complete     A$ 332.00    
Standard Bottom Section complete with gooseneck, tang and base plug.

Radial Bottom Section Complete     A$310.00    
Complete with stiffening sleeve, tang, gooseneck and base plug.

4.7 Bottom Section Complete  Special Price    A$115.00    

Top Section Complete     A$ 217.00    
Complete with end plugs and plastic connecting sleeve.

Boom Complete     A$ 300.00    
Complete with blocks, outhaul cleat, vang fitting and end plugs.

Turbo Kit complete - supplied fully assembled Ronstan    $617.00  

Turbo Kit complete - Harken assembled    $673.00  

Fibreglass Centreboard (bare)  Epoxy    A$ 670.00    
Blank fibreglass centreboard only.

Centreboard (stopper kit)     A$ 17.00    
Plastic stopper that fits to the top of the centreboard blank.

Standard Sail (North sails)     A$ 750.00    
*New Release* Quality sail at a low price.

Standard Sail (Hyde Sails)     A$ 750.00    
English sails made of quality cloth.

Radial Sail (North Sails)     A$ 750.00    
*New Release* Quality sail at a low price.

Radial Sail (Hyde Sails)     A$ 750.00    
English sails made of quality cloth.

4.7 Sail     A$ 650.00    

Sail Numbers (each and fitted)     A$ 5.00    
Fitted to all new sails.

Alloy Jamb Cleat     A$ 23.00    
As used on cunningham and traveller controls.

Centreboard Friction Pad     A$ 8.00    
Rubber friction pad at the aft end of centreboard case.

Rubber Bung     A$ 6.00    
Drain plug used in the cockpit, fits Laser self-bailer.

Drain Plug (stern)     A$ 8.00    
Screw in bung for transom of the hull.

Fairlead HA 282     A$ 5.00    
Plastic traveller fairlead for gunwhale.

Fairlead ALMAG     A$ 20.00    
Alloy traveller fairlead, no need to worry about breaking traveller fairlead again!!

Rudder Gudgeons     A$ 10.00    
Plastic gudgeons to fit Laser rudder assembly

Hiking Strap     A$ 65.00    
Padded Hiking Strap for extra comfort and longer hiking!!

Bow Eye     A$ 13.00    
Plastic bow fitting.

Self Bailer     A$92..00    
Complete Bailer assembly with rubber bung for cockpit drainage hole.

Self Bailer Repair Kit     A$ 42.00    
Repair kit for self-bailer with spare trapdoor, O-rings and rubber drain plug.

Fibreglass Rudder Blade  Epoxy    A$ 300.00    
Blank fibreglass rudder blade only.

Rudder Head     A$ 174.00    
Alloy rudder head to suit Laser rudder blade

Rudder Complete     A$ 475.00    
Rudder head with (UK) blade fitted.

Alloy Tiller     A$ 75.00    
Alloy tiller with new plastic wedge and tie down cleat.

Tiller wedge     A$ 15.00    
Plastic wedge for end of tiller designed to fit rudder head.

Mast Base Plug     A$ 9.00    
White plastic plug to fit base of mast bottom section.

Gooseneck     A$ 65.00    
Stainless heavy-duty gooseneck.

Mast Tang     A$ 34.00    
Stainless fitting to which vang is fastened on the bottom section.

Mast Plastic Sleeve      A$ 9.00    
Plastic sleeve used on mast top section at the connection.

Mast Top Plug     A$ 7.00    
End plug used in the top of the mast top section.

Mast Connector Plug     A$ 7.00    
Plastic plug used in the base of the mast top section.

Boom Gooseneck Plug     A$ 7.00    
Plastic end plug for boom for connection to gooseneck.

Boom Sleeve     A$ 39.00    
Stiffening sleeve cut to legal length for strengthening boom.

Boom Vang Plate     A$ 26.00    
Vang attachment fitting for boom suits vang key.

Vang Block Large     A$ 57.00    
Large vang block with cleat.

Vang Block Small     A$ 33.00    
Small vang block with one sheave.

Vang Key     A$ 13.00    
Small stainless fitting used to attach vang to boom.
Block Beckett Boom Rear     A$ 24.00    
Mainsheet block with beckett for aft end of boom.

Block Mainsheet Traveller     A$28.00    
Large traveller block for mainsheet.

Ratchet Block (Ronstan/Frederiksen Series 60)     A$ 112.00    

Ratchet Block (Harken)     A$ 125.00    
Made in USA

Block Single Boom Forward     A$ 20.00    
Mainsheet block for middle of boom.

Traveller Block (small)     A$ 19.00    
Small single block for traveller connects to large traveller block

Battens (Set of 3)     A$ 50.00    
Set includes short top batten; two longer lower battens all with ends attached.

Mainsheet Rooster rope - exUK 7mm x 14m.     A$ 80.00    
Forget the twists and knots in your mainsheet at the top mark with this Hi-Tech, non-absorbing anti twist rope.

Mainsheet Marlow Double-Braid 6mm x 14m     A$ 50.00    
Quality polyester rope as supplied with new Lasers.

Cunningham 3.5m x 5mm D12 - Option 1     A$ 25.00    
Ultralite Hi-Tech light weight.

Cunningham 3.5m x 4mm- Option 2     A$ 20.00    

Turbo Vang 5m x 3mm     A$25.00    
White for ease of mark identification.

Turbo Outhaul 5.5m x 3.5mm D12- Option 1     A$ 30.00    
Ultralite Hi-Tech light weight

Outhaul 7m x 4mm - Option 2     A$ 35.00    
Veclock low stretch.

Traveller 4m x 3.5mm D12      A$ 20.00    

Sea Rooster Clew Strap     A$25.00    

Centreboard Elastic     A$ 8.00    
Keeps tension on centreboard to stay in raised position

Centreboard Hook     A$ 5.00    
Plastic hook to fit centreboard elastic for quick rigging and unrigging.

Outhaul Hook c/w micro block     A$ 50.00    
Hook only $25